David Smith's speaking topics include:


  • He regularly speaks on TV and radio around the world and is the author of a great many papers and studies on the future these past 18 years.
    Over 80% of clients re-engage david after his first engagement with them and he is in much demand as a keynote speaker.
     Her has addressed over 400 conferences and events in 42 countries on 5 continents.
  •  Topics including:
  • Beyond 'Digital' and how automation changes everything.
  • Innovation and the drivers of change.
  • Work Automation and the impact of technology.
  • Technology drives change. Understand the impact – early.
  • Artificial Intelligence changes what we do, not just how we do it.
  • The Internet of Everything will change our lives.
  • Mixed Reality will explode the need for presence.
  • Insurance - Challenge to Change
  • Engaging with IT and IT leadership as a critical business issue
  • Marketing and its changing role and value.
  • Healthcare and living longer lives
  • Changing employees – What they want and how to keep them.
  • The Rise of the Networked Company – the new form of agile organization.
  • The Changing Corporation – Social responsibility, world stewardship & talent scout.
  • The Retail Revolution
  • Communicating with your stakeholders – new technologies and approaches.
  • The externalization of companies – After outsourcing.

David uses views of the future developed within Global Futures and Foresight by their in-house research team and by surveying their worldwide network of over 9,000 future thinkers and business leaders.
His purpose is to inspire his audience to embrace change and by so doing better prepare for the future.
David Smith                                            e-mail:          david.smith@thegff.com
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                                                                YouTube:     gfftv
Sectors including:
Insurance, Financial Services, Information Communications Technology, Media - new media and social media Marketing Travel and Tourism, Estate Agency & Real Estate Education and Learning Work and working Health and wellness Telecommunications Retail amongst many otherts.

Sample slides:


If you want to be better prepared to face the challenge of the changes ahead please contact GFF on:

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